The #1 Place to Learn Jiu Jitsu Takedowns

Ocean gives you direct access to the world’s top wrestling coaches so that you can learn and execute effective wrestling for jiu jitsu

Create your free profile and receive a Free Instructional by Jason Nolf!

The #1 Place to Learn Jiu Jitsu Takedowns

Ocean gives you direct access to the world’s top wrestling coaches so that you can learn and execute effective wrestling for jiu jitsu

Create your free profile and receive a Free Instructional by Jason Nolf!

Core Features

Everything on One Platform


Everything on One Platform

The top wrestling and jiu jitsu coaches and athletes on the planet sharing their best jiu jitsu takedowns, drills and positions.

Each instructional has a dedicated forum for you to ask questions to instructors and other students.
You can now engage directly with the top wrestling and BJJ coaches in the world on video calls. It takes less than a minute to schedule. Analyze your recent competition or training videos and get technique, training and mindset advice from NCAA and World Champions.
Subscribe to your favorite athletess and gyms to get their latest content and technique videos delivered directly to your home feed! Expect things like, daily techniques and drills, live rolls, day-in-the-life content and more!
Follow and engage with likeminded athletes in forums, posts, groups and DMs. Take you jiu jitsu takedowns to a new level by studying and discussing techniques with the worlds top grapplers.

Why Ocean

Experience Better Instruction and Start Executing


Stop Limiting Yourself

Stop settling for being uncomfortable in the standing position. Get access to the world’s top athletes that will set your jiu jitsu takedowns apart.


Start Executing

Experience the best wrestling coaching and instruction that will give you confidence start executing BJJ takedowns on anyone.


Here's How:

Featured Instructors

The Best Athletes

Engage and learn directly from the world’s best martial artists. Ocean is home to the top athletes in Wrestling, BJJ and Striking. Get more access to your favorite athletes!

Learning Essentials

What You Need to Improve Your Jiu Jitsu Takedowns


Great Instruction

You need experienced Instructors that know the technical details and key principles that make finishing jiu jitsu takedowns simple. Our instructors walk you through these details in a way that makes them easy to understand.

A Clear Plan

Our coaches’ layout systems and wrestling drills that are easy to follow so that you can learn the most effective BJJ takedown techniques.

Learn With Others

Learning alone is boring and less effective! You will have more fun and be more motivated learning with teammates and friends. Discussions will help you catch things that you would have missed learning alone.

Questions + Feedback

Learning jiu jitsu takedowns is technical! You need the ability to ask questions to make sure you  master the small details. The community will benefit from seeing other members’ questions and discussions.


Get Confident in Your Wrestling

Ocean Instructors layout instruction in a step-by-step approach so that you can improve your jiu jitsu takedown skillset effeciently.
Review your jiu jitsu takedown technique with top wrestling coaches in the world over a video call. It takes less than a minute to schedule a call with NCAA and World Champions.
Your favorite athletes share their best wrestling and BJJ takedowns drills, positions, and advice that took them years to develop. It is like having a cheat code!
Develop confidence by learning Jiu Jitsu takedowns that work against the best in the world. Explore and learn the most effective offensive and defensive wrestling techniques and drills that will give you confidence grappling on your feet!

How it Works

Get Started in Seconds


Create Your Free Profile

Create a profile in minutes, join the community and follow and engage with the world’s top wrestling and BJJ coaches and gyms

Access Exclusive Wrestling Content and Lessons

  • Large and growing library of the latest Instructionals
  • Access Subscription Groups with your favorite athletes’ exclusive content
  • Easily book private virtual wrestling lessons with the best in the world

Ask Questions and Learn Anywhere

  • Follow your favorite athletes and watch content on your personalized feed
  • Engage with instructors and members through comments and forums
  • Download the app for easy access

Problem Solved

Get Access to the Best Wrestling for BJJ Instruction

Wrestling is the most valuable skillset for finishing and defending takedowns in jiu jitsu. It’s no wonder the world’s top BJJ competitors are focused on learning wrestling.

Learning wrestling is difficult because most jiu jitsu gyms don’t offer good wrestling instruction. This leaves most jiu jitsu athletes with little confidence in their ability to execute jiu jitsu takedowns effectively.

Ocean’s growing library of instructional videos will guide you through step-by-step systems and wrestling drills that will give you confidence in executing jiu jitsu takedowns. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or an experienced black belt. Our instructionals break down the fundamental principles and techniques in a way that is easy to understand.

Join and Develop your BJJ Wrestling Skillset

Wrestling and BJJ are becoming more connected.
Most of the world’s top grapplers are focused on developing their BJJ wrestling skillset. More wrestlers are finding success competing in grappling.
Ocean has both communities on a single platform so that we all can work and learn together!

So what are you waiting for? Stop limiting your potential and join the community that will help you develop confidence in your jiu jitsu takedowns.

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